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Project Management for EU Funded Projects

The current Programming Period 2014-2020 holds lots of opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects. The architecture of European Funds and direct grants continues to offer a wide range of funding opportunities in the Member States. However, funding is often not used as effectively as possible or it may be denied due to lack of knowledge or poor planning. Although the numerous programmes and initiatives have different features, the development and implementation of projects in practice follow common rules.

The European Commission requires the use of the Project Cycle Management (PCM) principles, for the identification, appraisal, implementation and evaluation of EU funded projects. As a project manager you have to be familiar with all different phases of PCM to successfully implement and manage an EU funded project and to fulfil the requirements of the European Commission.

A core and fundamental tool within Project Cycle Management is the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). This step-by-step procedure supports the different stages of PCM and should provide an information base for completing the required PCM documents.

The nature of the LFA method requires solid competence: when understood and intelligently applied,

LFA is a very effective analytical and managerial tool.

Therefore, you should make sure that you know how to use the Logical Framework Approach within your project!

European project management requires special attention to compliance with the following issues: Deadlines, Good relations among partners, Exchange of experiences and joint actions (such as events, seminars, trainings, etc), Budget control, Communication.

Addware Europe realizes in outsource all, or part, of these steps to ensure a good project management: 

  • Achievement of expected results and quality of outputs,
  • Control of the resources flow from donor to lead partner, and then to project partners;
  • Report on activities implementation, 
  • Respect of the partners roles; 
  • Correct financial planning and reporting;
  • Communication and dissemination of projects results.

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