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What we offer 

Online service provider

Your needs/ideas?

Tailored scouting and consultancy

• Needs assessment/needs analysis.
• Fundraising. 
• Development plans and programmatic drafts.
• International partnerships.

Draft designing

From ideas through the project

• Development of innovative ideas through the Goal Oriented Project Planning Approach
Drafting of the form.
• International and Intercultural Team Building. 
• Predisposition and collection of documents.
• Project submission.


Implementation and Project managment 

At your side we are focused on:
• Coordination
• Technical monitoring
• Financial monitoring
• Technical reporting
• Financial reporting


Training programs

• Training programs on Project Cycle Management (face to face and e-learning)
• Realization of tailored courses and tutoring
• Networking of international partners for Vocational Education and Training (VET).
• Web platforms and E-learning

Software Develop

Solutions that meet the unique needs

Our software solutions allow you to be more reliable, flexible and scalable.
Help to improve communication and make sense of large amounts of data.
Above all, we help to transform interactions into long-term relationships, with full control of all processes.

Social Plugins Service

Makes all social contents shared

Connect your project to social medias through the integration of the content that your "social" followers have shared, commented on or to which they put the "Like" on the Web. An excellent opportunity to improve the networks, exploit and disseminate your results and initiatives.