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Solutions that meet the unique needs
Our commitment focuses on planning ‘software paths’ for the processing, distribution and sharing of information between individuals and their organisations, who use these to simplify and improve their work. We create solutions in a fast and innovative way, reducing development times by up to 80%. The formula we adopt is go to from prototype to production, in just a few steps:



We establish the connection to the data that already exist. Or create a database from them.



We quickly write the necessary code to create applications that are ready to be implemented..



We design the layout of the applications sharing modes of operation with the people who will use them.



We perform tests and debug applications in a specific pre-production environment that is easily network-accessible by the client.



The distribution is easy: we just provide end users with a single URL to access the functionality of the solution


  Manage Continuity

We feel committed to the constant improvement of solutions developed, taking responsibility for all the problems of upgrading to later versions.

We can design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications that can be distributed on the Internet and used with the your prefered web browser.

Our solutions connect with all the major database applications (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Access, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, SyBase, Informix or ODBC layer) in a simple and secure manner. 

This make the data access and maintenance an uncomplicated action!

Of course we also deal convert all your existing data (XLS, CSV, etc.) into database tables to create reports and applications.

We keep your projects in a continual improvement process.
Our software evolves continuously with the major technological innovations.

Programming languages and technologies change at lightspeed, and it’s changing the way companies and developers do business, interact with clients, and stay on the cutting edge.

We try to keep up to date in these areas:


- PHP  JavaScript  SQL  Swift  T-Script


- HTML5  Bootstrap  AngularJS  AJAX


- Ionic Apache Cordova Adobe PhoneGap Scriptcase