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Social Plugins Service

Makes all social contents shared

More and more today, the media give users the ability to provide feedback and indicate intent in a single click with customizable ‘social reaction’ buttons. These reactions can be seamlessly shared to social networks, and are easily turned into polls or votes that provide clear insight into customer sentiment.

Social plugins enable third-party web sites and apps to deliver customized content and allow their visitors to share seamlessly, comment, and interact with their social peers.

Social plugins are software modules that are developed and made available by the most famous social media (Facebook services, Twitter..).

These, such as the “Like" button, “Share” button and FB comments, are tools that allow you to share your experiences on third-party websites with your friends or followers.

Our service offers the ability of integrating these modules in your websites or in your applications, allowing an automated communication (and if required, data exchange) between your interfaces and social media services, in accordance with their respective policies.

As part of this communication, the data is transferred dynamically from social media services into one of your web pages. On the other hand, the data user who is visiting your web pages is simultaneously transferred to the social media services.

With this service, we offer the possibility of connecting your design to social media through the integration of content that your "social" followers shared or commented on the Web. It offers an excellent opportunity to improve networks, exploit and disseminate the results and initiatives.