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Your needs/ideas?

Many opportunities for a single goal: your vision!

Our goal is to provide technical support for identification, analysis and participation to European projects proposals, through the preparation of programmatic drafts that intersect priorities of organizations with priorities of existing european funding programs.

There are different levels of involvement in an international partnership. Through our European Projects Area, we would look to offer to each customer (private and public organizations, local authorities, NGO, ..) the right placement, offering different options and three levels of action:

Let’s Start!

The project is to be built completely based on the needs that customer has reported. The project proposal is original and fully customized, connected to specific European Programs priorities.

The goal is the project submission.

Join us! 

The needs identified by customer are perfectly in line with projects that are already developing by others partnerships under a single call for proposal.  

The European Project Area identifies and alerts the customer about that existing partnerships and engages them. The goal is the project submission.

Let’s start the programmatic Analysis!
The customer wants to develop an analysis of opportunities within the specific field of action identified. Addware supports the client during an agreed timeframe.

The goal is to build a draft that can be spent on European funding programmes identified by the customer in an autonomous way.

If you already have some ideas and would like to develop them in a European context or if you just want to analyze Europe 2020 according to your needs, please, fill the form.